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The Season Has Started

The season has started. Drills, and threshold tests, new kits, and of course, training camp. White City Racing has a nack for getting it’s city folk riders out and climbing, descending, and putting the kilometers on their bikes in preparation for the trails ahead - and this year is only slightly different. As the team enters it’s 3rd year, this year, we’re pushing harder, riding longer, and training better than ever before.

The last 3 days our team traveled to the Dead Sea. We took to the trail of the Grand Fondo Arad. The last 3 days the team covered 400 kilometers, each, built a total Training Stress Score of 800 (TSS), and climbed over 5000 meters. The last 3 days were also about recovery, spending time relaxing in the hotel Jacuzzi and a how to use a laxx ball seminar. But the real joy of the last 3 days was about team building. Getting to know each other, and having a great time with one another without all the stresses of everyday life.

The hardest climb of the Grand-Fondo Arad, and our training camp, was the Scorpion’s pass (Mahala Akrabim). This particular climb is 3.5 kilometers of switchbacks in the middle of the sandy desert. But the fun doesn’t start there. First, the team rode over 60 kilometers just to reach the base of the climb. For some, this was their first time tackling the beast. And for many, it was a personal best climbing time! This was only the second day of riding. A third full day was still to come, recovery, and rest were welcome to all team members.

Newcomer, Iro, was feeling great after the weekend; socially it was great, and very different from the normal Saturday rides. There was a times when he was climbing alone, up Dragot, it was like he was connecting with his bike in a whole new way. Learning from, and becoming a part, of this machine, so they could work together like never before.

Training camps are what give a team a chance to practice a challenging course before race day. Training camps are for getting to know your teammates, the people you trust to help push you through the finish line. And training camp with WCR is all this and more: style, friendship, training, KOMs, and PRs. Look forward to seeing the purple fly down the road, and crossing the finish lines at the Grand-Fondo Arad and many more races in the 2018 season.


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