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Tse'elim Training Camp

With the end of the year in our sites, and the 2018 race calendar starting in only one week, the final training camp of the pre-season at Tze’elim was exactly what our team’s legs, hearts, and stomachs needed.

Day one was a classic hard training in Tel Aviv. We practicing team-racing skills such as a lead out trains and extra hard sprints. Day two, 176 KM

of endurance work. This last training block was built around building our engines with longer harder efforts, but this solid endurance ride really pushed everyone to their limit. And finally, day three had a race simulation at Urim, with another 70 km with a solid push with some fresh legs from our own teammates that join us only for Saturday’s ride.

The 176km endurance ride was for many of our riders’ a new distance PB and a new route too. The goal of the ride was to take a pit stop at the best coffee shop known to cyclist in the middle of nowhere, Ezuz. Refuelling our stomachs and souls with a little puppy play, was perfection. Visiting rider, Matt Monnot from San Fransisco, said “Not many better ways to take a short break during a century ride than stopping at a small desert outpost in Ezuz and having some of the best made-from-scratch pita bread ever.”

Friday night was another fun team night with dinner and bonding games. Shabbat dinner on a kibbutz was also a new experience for a few of our riders and no one was left unsatisfied.

Saturday was another tough day. We joined NCC for an Urim race simulation for all levels. Two full laps of the course with a large peloton allowed out team to practice some real racing skills we had only trained in practice. The more advanced riders were able to work on leading one another out to a break away. The rest got to practice pushing hard, keeping up, and drafting. The next 70 km team ride was an extra solid push by a great pair of fresh legs by a teammate that could only come down for the one day.

This weekend is the first race of the season, and in 3 weeks, the team ride is set to reaching a goal of 200KM ride for everyone. With coffee, and team beer nights, weddings, and of course, all the cycling, our team is open for all levels and any one interested in becoming a better rider. We'd love for you to join us for a workout, feel free to message us for details.


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